Long Distance Relationships

Each summer, Kansas State University brings me to speak to their Wildcat Warm-up students in June. Wildcat Warm-up is a special weekend for incoming students who want a chance to get acquainted with the campus and college life.  This year, they had big numbers in attendance.  The students were full of energy. 

After my presentation, the students break into groups and then I go around to answer each group’s questions.  We always get questions many students are thinking such as, "Do long distance relationships work?"  My answer is,

"If you are asking, often YOU have concerns about whether the specific relationship you are in will survive a long-distance situation.  The answer is different for each relationship.  If you know you are in a fantastic relationship, you probably would not even be asking the question because you wouldn’t have that thought going through your mind.  If your partner has this concern, odds are that you are not in an ideal situation for a long distance relationship to work. 

From what I see students go through, breaking up NOW and starting fresh is much easier than going off to college with lots of worries and concerns.  If a breakup does happen while at school, the ugliness and uncomfortableness nature of being ‘over the phone’ or via ‘e-mail’ can be quite upsetting and/or distressing for many.  Start college in a good ‘place’ mentally and emotionally.  You deserve it."

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