Want proof? UC-Irvine Did

020707_uc_irvine_righttoknow_tableHow do you keep a record of educational events on campus?  Last night at the University of California – Irvine, the students, staff, and administration came together to address sexual assault awareness.  Through combined efforts of various organizations, they drew a Standing-Room Only turnout for the "Can I Kiss You?" program.  Students attended from athletics, housing, Greek Life, and various areas of student life.  Plus, administrators and staff came out in force.  Organizations such as "Right to Know" and "1 in 4" hosted information tables outside the program. 

020707_uc_irvine_1in4_table2 How do you document so many different things going on at the same time?  Pictures alone fail to reflect the energy created by great programming.  What does?  LIVE VIDEO!!  Not video of the presentation.  Instead video footage of the impact.  Along with students, the Police Chief shared his reaction as part of a video summary.  You can watch the video clip by clicking here.  Why did they do a "Video Summary" and create a photo album?  Dr. Mandy Mount, Director of C.A.R.E., wanted a variety of documentation to show the success programming can have at a school.  How020707_uc_irvine_crowd_clapping did they create the video summary?  She had a student assigned to go around and ask people "What did you think about tonight’s program?"  The student conducting the videotaping "randomly approached people as they left the lecture hall.  By the way, a big THANKS" goes out to Gavin for being the officially video-taper!

What creativity can you utilize to keep a lifelong record of your event’s success?


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