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Below are statements provided to us by students for an upcoming addition to our current “Do You Ask?” educational poster series. This new addition of posters will be addressing texting, safer dating, and healthier relationships with a PROACTIVE APPROACH (as the “Do You Ask?” posters currently do with consent and sexual decision-making).  You are voting on the FINAL 11 Choices.

In the VOTING section below, share your favorite statements (list the # of the statement – such as #21, #99, etc…) and include WHY!   You are highly encouraged to ADD additional statements you would like to see  on posters. Any words in GREEN FONT below are questions we here at The Date Safe Project Inc are asking YOU TO ANSWER.

Please remember we focus on positive solutions in our mission here at The Date Safe Project Inc.

FYI – all of the below statements came from students in DelRay Beach, Florida and in the Holland, Michigan region (Thanks, Jennifer and Lesley):

  1. “Just because I CAN contact my partner 24/7, doesn’t mean I have the RIGHT to or should!”
  2. “If you want to be with me, respect my boundaries.  Independence is a priority for me in relationships.”
  3. “I talk before deciding to commit to a relationship.  Knowing each other’s boundaries is FUN and the RIGHT thing to do.”
  4. “She said her friends & family are an important part of her life.  I agree. Plus, having time apart is HEALTHY!”
  5. “I enjoy time spent with my partner AND with the other special people in my life.”
  6. Respect is Brave/Bravery (what imagery would you want with this?)
  7. Loving someone is not the same as having property.  You DON’T OWN me!
  8. I’m not ready for a kid.  If you are, find someone else.
  9. Pressure, control, uncomfortable = not love.
  10. 2B or not 2B brave enough to speak out against dating violence
  11. Control is not Love

Place your VOTES below:

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