Using Technology to Spread a Message

Yesterday, we talked about teaching verbal skills to a generation who loves technology as their means of communication.  How do take the benefits of technology to reach those students?  Here is a simple concept:

Take a quick picture relating to the lesson you want to teach.  Send the picture as a Text Message to your teenagers with a quick note saying, “What do you think?” (yes you can shorten it to “What do u thnk“).  They might be text back, “???” (meaning “About What?“) which is perfect because it opens the door for the conversation to begin.  Get started with a text message and finish the conversation in-person when they got home.  The key to this working is keeping the conversation an open discussion and not full of judgement.  If someone thinks you are trying to “make a point,” he/she is not going to look forward to seeing you in-person.

Picture messaging is also a great way to share NEWS and updates with people who support your mission.  Be careful.  More than once I’ve  made the mistake of being SO EXCITED about a new resource we have that I ended sounding like I was sending a sales pitch (big NO NO).  If you’ve ever received such a communication from me, I apologize.  Sometimes you get so much excitement that you can’t control it.

Here are 2 examples:

BAD EXAMPLE of words to include in a text with the pictures from below:
have you seen the new shirts?  Get one for only $15 (including shipping)

GOOD EXAMPLE of words to include in a text with the pictures from below:
the new shirts are in.  Woo Hoo!

As you can see, the Good Example shares your enthusiasm without pushing an agenda.  Yes, we all make the mistake of pushing an agenda at times (passion does that). Do your best to share your enthusiasm without the PUSH!

Have fun taking pictures and igniting conversations with the students in your life!  Now SHARE by Leaving a Comment on this post of how YOU are going to use texting to spread a message. If you already have accomplished this goal, share what you did and how it worked out. I will personally respond to each comment.

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