Final Call on Teen Dating Posters

In our efforts to provide 4 new posters addressing teen dating and teen relationships, your final input is going to decide 2 of the last 3 posters.  In answer the following questions listed below in the form for you to fill out, please remember the posters are meant to have a POSITIVE approach to dealing with the issue. These specific 4 statements were written BY STUDENTS who said more positive approaches needed to be taken.

For sharing your feedback, your name will be put in a drawing to win a FULL SET of posters from The Date Safe Project (as soon as these 4 new ones go to print ).

PLEASE feel free to ask others to participate in this feedback.  To do so, they can go to and enter their feedback by tonight (Thursday, August 12th).  You can invite listservs, email groups, FaceBook friends, etc…

The questions are listed below and then you SCROLL DOWN farther to provide your answers:

How would you add a POSITIVE ending to the statement:  Pressure, control, uncomfortable = not love OR would you leave this poster as is?

One poster people liked, but many thought was too long said, “If you want to be with me, respect my boundaries.  Independence is a priority for me in relationships.”  How do you feel about this version?  “Want to be with me?  RESPECT my boundaries & INDEPENDENCE!

The last question is how would you (or a STUDENT, teenager, young adult), adjust the following statement to be a POSITIVE message:  “Loving someone is not the same as having property.  You DON’T OWN me!”   An example could be instead of “You don’t OWN me!” at the end of the statement, the poster message could end with, “ONLY I own ME!” (this is not an endorsement for that example).

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