Trump: his words, his “defiant” apology, and us.

img_83871) A “defiant” apology is not an apology.

If Trump were a child making that apology, almost no parents would accept it. In fact, most parents I know would be sitting down that child and teaching them what “sorry” means and what “to apologize” means.

2) An authentic apology does not defer the focus onto others whom you think are equal and/or worse than you.

3) An apology does not mean you are no longer held accountable for what you did. Trump BRAGGED about sexually harassing and sexually assaulting women. And his “apology” completely left that part out.

4) “it was over 10 years ago” is usually reserved for comments someone made when they were teenagers and/or in their 20s. NOT someone who was in his late 50s at the time he made the comments. 11 years ago, we as a culture knew the beliefs Trump was espousing were wrong. Sooo should Trump have. Proof? Imagine if President Bush had said these same words at the same time. Our country would have been humiliated and no one would deny the harm it would have done.

5) This is NOT locker room talk. And if you are saying it is, you are then proving “rape culture” is rampant and that Trump is an encourager of such culture.

6) Such beliefs and behaviors are not just “distractions” to what is important. They are at the core of what is wrong in much of society – a complete lack of dignity and respect for all.

7) We need to hold our society accountable for what it is going to accept. Please speak out AND take actions to help us transform our culture to one built on respect and consent.

Talk to your loved ones about what RESPECT looks like in every day life. Do not downplay degradation. Do the opposite. Stand up against it. Teach how every person deserves to have a choice and to have their choice always be respected. Ask First. Respect the Answer.

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