Today The DATE SAFE Project brings you a special poem from an amazing student guest blogger, Marcie Fennell. Her words are powerful  and we think you will agree.


By: Marcie Fennell

Rewind the movie back to simpler times.

Before my heart was covered in torturous vines.

Vines that were carefully woven into my blood vessels by lustful beasts.

Take back the dirty fingerprints and painful kisses that were tattooed into my once pure skin.

Skin that has been scrubbed raw by the repentance prayers of misunderstanding priests.

Reverse the trend of questions of “Why were you walking alone and what were you wearing?”

As if the cloth I was wearing could’ve turned into the cloak of invisibility.

Delete the frames of the scenes of me running from the monsters in my mind, only to find myself in the very traps
that I had set.

Replace them with bloopers and special features of my future that I misread while interpreting the script.

Then play my movie forward towards the ending that I’ve been waiting for.

An ending that has a positive resolution because I seeked a better solution than erasing myself from the credits.

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