THANKS to those serving our country!

Just a few weeks ago, I returned from speaking on verbal consent, bystander intervention, and sexual assault with our Army Troops in South Korea. The honor to fly throughout the world sharing with our service men and women whom are thousands upon thousands of miles away from their families (in this case right before the holiday of Thanksgiving) is one I am greatly blessed to experience.

One of the most common questions people ask me on airplanes is, “What is it like speaking to the military? That must be a difficult audience, right?” My response is, “They are one of the greatest audiences you will ever speak with: respectful, engaged, fun, and passionate!” As a person who gets to share his knowledge, experience, and thoughts around the world, I have great appreciation for the fact our men and women in uniform fight every day for my right to do precisely what I do – speak my mind.

Lantern Festival in Seoul, South Korea
Lantern Festival in Seoul, South Korea (along a river in downtown Seoul).

Today’s post is a THANK YOU to all the men and women serving our country. During this holiday season, will you please take a moment to remember those who will not be with their family members? I flew back home the night before Thanksgiving. The final day was emotional.  As you stand on stage looking out at nearly one thousand service members in the last presentation, you realize they will still be here tomorrow when I am with my family on Thanksgiving. As I thanked them, I got a little choked up at that very moment.

Please take one moment each day during the holiday season to say, “Thanks” to those who serve our country. Who knows – you may make it a habit well beyond the holidays!

P.S. You may notice the picture to the right is not of our soldiers. Why?  I was in an area of the world where our soldiers prepare to “fight every night” – thus honoring their privacy is essential. You are looking at a picture of the Lantern Festival in Seoul, South Korea which was happening while I was visiting. The picture was taken my first night in the country.

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