Thank you!

By sharing your votes today, you have impacted the the choices being made for creating 4 new posters on Teen Dating & Teen Relationships to add to the Do You Ask?” poster series.  THANK YOU!!

Once the final choices go to production, names will be drawn to give you the chance to win FREE posters.  Plus, you will receive an email with a special code giving you a special discount off the posters during the first week they are available online!

Did you know you can now download the critically-acclaimed book Voices of Courage for FREE?  Download the ebook, audio book (including 26 audio tracks), or BOTH!!  You choose.

Your time on our website is greatly appreciated.  Please take the opportunity to look around, watch video clips, read articles, and participate in our online forums.  Be sure to look at the NEW Can I Kiss You?  Do You Ask?” T-shirts (click here).  ENJOY!

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