Students in Mosinee in Trouble over Sexual Assault Awareness

High school students in Mosinee, WI took action to speak out about sexual assault with a T-shirt concept often used on college campuses around the country.  You can see a picture of one of the shirts speaking out against sexual assault in the full article here.

Here is a quote from the Acting Associate Principal at Mosinee High School in Wisconsin (as quoted in the Wausau Daily Herald):

“I’m all for educating students on this topic, but I think it should be done during the month of awareness using pamphlets and fliers from an established organization. That would add some substance to the cause,” Kaczor said.

What is needed is the medium for bringing the Administration and the students together to create proper awareness IN ADDITION to what is done in the month of April (Sexual Assault Awareness Month throughout the country).  Here at The Date Safe Project, Inc, we want to help the students and the school administrators work together!  We have seen MANY schools do a FANTASTIC job of having students create their own awareness posters, T-shirts, and videos to be used throughout the school during the course of the school year (and even in the SUMMER).  In each case, the students’ passion to speak out beyond one month of the school year (April) was honored.  After all, sexual assault happens throughout the year.

EXAMPLE: Do teachers in Health classes refuse to speak of Alcohol Education, except in October during “Alcohol Awareness Month”? Of course not.  Teachers understand the importance of having this ongoing conversation.

Last year in the Wisconsin Dells region (also in Wisconsin), students in multiple high schools who had just heard the “Can I Kiss You?” program created a group in conjunction with The Hope House to help distribute posters and messages addressing this issue for the rest of the school year and for use in local establishments over the summer.  The school was thrilled with the strong statement students were making.  In fact, local media did a great job covering the difference students were making in an in-depth newspaper article.

In the current newspaper article discussing the Mosinee situation, a school counselor said, “It was more like a crusade”  – YES, students on a CRUSADE to make a positive difference in their school.  FANTASTIC!!

If you are one of the 5 students who wore the shirts in Mosinee or are an Administrator/Educator at Mosinee High School, contact us here.  We will be happy to create a strong alliance for all involved to utilize this fantastic opportunity for positive change in your community.  In fact, we invite all readers of this article to SHARE IDEAS you have for Mosinee High School moving forward in addressing sexual assault in the COMMENTS section below.

LEAVE A COMMENT below and let us know your thoughts. I will personally respond to each comment.

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