Follow vs Lead: FOLLOW in this case

While all of us as parents have talked to our children, especially teenagers (sons and daughters), about being a “Leader,” what about being a follower?  Whether the issue is drinking, drugs, sex, dating, or grades, often being a follower can be MUCH MORE productive and create amazing results.

Without the thousands of people who BELIEVE in the mission we are on here at The Date Safe Project, we are simply a lone voice failing to be heard. We are blessed with incredible amounts of people who FOLLOW our mission and SUPPORT our efforts to make a difference. Why? Because we all believe in the WHY to what we are doing.  We believe in FOLLOWING a mission we know is important to our child today and in the future!

Watch this very quick and powerful video clip by Derek Sivers. NEXT, share your thoughts here on our blog. I will personally respond to each comment.

REMEMBER to SHARE your thoughts now. Be part of the FUN movement occurring right here on our blog TODAY!

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