Student QUESTION of the Week:

 How do I find a girl who wants the same thing as I do?

I’ve had a very confusing life when it comes to sexuality. I’ve always wanted the perfect girl, and hooking up never appealed to me. What I wanted was a smart, beautiful, independent woman that could make me better and appreciate that I want to treat her like gold. I believe I’m a person with good morals. So, when my friends tell me to ignore girls or don’t talk to them Heart_icon_red_hollow.svgthat much in order to get them to like you, I simply reply, “I can’t do it.” I don’t want to treat them like that because its not me. In high school I asked girls on dates, and I didn’t care if they said no. I had zero success. College is so different. I feel like a lot of these girls just want to hook up and go back to a guys room that night. What do I do?

What advice would you give this student?

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