St. John’s prep school in Collegeville Minnesota

stjohnsprepMiddle school and high school students are often a unique challenge for some presenters. When you have six grade through 12th grade students in the same room, you must be careful to address all the different mindsets and experiences of those students. While a Senior in high school maybe more experienced than the typical sixth-grader, some sixth-graders have experienced more people 10 years older than them. Therefore, you must read the room closely and carefully throughout the program.

Today at St. John’s Prep School in Collegeville Minnesota, the students were interactive, engaging, and fun to work with throughout the hour. Starting at 9:25 AM can be difficult for a lot of students. Today, the students came in  ready to go. After the presentation, we had a wonderful lunch with 10 of the students and the two counselors from the school. The students asked thought-provoking questions. The counselors investigated how to keep the message going throughout the year. Together, they came up with some great solutions and a plan for moving forward. I am looking forward to seeing all they are going to accomplish  throughout the remainder of the school year!

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