Social entrepreneurship blog recognizes Mike Domitrz

The blog “Entrepreneur Success” by Justin Sachs has recognized Mike Domitrz for the powerful difference he is making through Social Entrepreneurship.  In the blog, Justin states, “If you even KNOW a teenager, you are going to want to hear about Mike Domitrz.”  The article shares the journey Mike Domitrz has taken from hearing about his sister’s rape to founding our organization to being one of the most sought after experts and allies addressing decision-making in intimacy, Asking First, Being a Friend, and Opening a Door for survivors.

Later in the blog, Sachs says, “Mike is revolutionizing parents’ abilities to connect with their teenagers on these often uncomfortable and awkward discussions. Families praise his one-of-a-kind work for making the ‘Talk’ much more fun and meaningful – all while giving parents the needed skills to have much more than One Talk.

Justin recommends everyone get the DVD many parents and schools turn to for sexual education regarding dating and decision-making in intimacy.  The award-winning DVD Domitrz produced for The Date Safe Project Inc is titled HELP! My Teen Is Dating.  Real Solutions to Tough Conversations.

Thank you, Justin Sachs, for sharing the powerful and needed resources for parents Mike Domitrz has helped our organization produce and launch.  Visit our Educational Store today to get these resources for the people you care about!

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