Bystander Intervention stops rape

To start off 2010, we have a powerful example of bystander intervention which took place in Alberton, South Africa and resulted in stopping a robbery and potentially a rape from occurring. Louis Venter, a former traffic officer, discovered his neighbors were being robbed and immediately intervened. In doing so, all of the attackers were captured and/or killed.  According to the reports from Johannesburg , the attackers were planning on sexually assaulting some of the victims.  Thus, Louis’s quick actions prevented both robbery and rape. Read the full article on this incredible story of bystander intervention by clicking on the highlighted link.

Did you know you can take a simple step to making a difference with intervening in more common situations?  Take the “Pledge for Action” and in seconds you will be joining others around the world in taking positive actions to make a difference.

In the meantime, share your greatest examples of bystander intervention you’ve personally witnessed and/or were involved with.  Every example (from the simplest form to the most drastic) will help others see the power in taking action and in speaking out.  Share by leaving a comment on this post.

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