Sexual assault, peer education, consent, and much more at Loyola

Every year, I look forward to discussing sexual assault, consent, peer education, and much more at Loyola.   Xavier is always one of the highlights of working at Loyola.  When you call him, you’re going to hear jazz music playing behind him.  Sure enough, Xavier did not disappoint. As I was approaching his campus, I called to check in and was honored to hear him playing playing jazz music as he picked up his phone. Xavier and I have a tradition of spending some time together just hanging out and talking whenever I come to campus. He is a lot of fun and a unique individual.

As we’re about to begin the event, the students were filling the room. By the time we got started, it appeared over 400 students were in the room ready to begin. They were interactive throughout the program.

Afterward, we did a special TalkBack session with the peer mentors and peer educators. This session was a lot of fun. The students asked truly insightful and challenging questions.  They were learning about HOW a speaker thinks when in front of an audience.  Some of the most unique questions I’ve ever been asked  — where asked tonight.

Thanks, everyone, for a wonderful day.   See you soon, Xavier.   Here is the video:

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