Rewarding Schools, Campuses, Organizations, and our Military for Making an Impact!

If you have ever brought the “Can I Kiss You?” program and/or the “HELP! My Teen Is Dating” program to your area (or are bringing one of the presentations to your community in the coming year), you are going to be excited about the NEW Referral Special and the 2nd Date Discount (Loyalty Discount).

Referral Special:
By simply telling others about the presentations Mike Domitrz and The Date Safe Project offer, you have the opportunity to save $500 off the speaking fee when you bring Mike to your community OR you can choose to receive $500 worth of educational materials from The Date Safe Project!  Refer 4 people who book a date in the next 12 months and save $2000.  No limits!!

2nd Date Discount (Winter – Summer Loyalty Discount):
Bring Mike back to your community and receive $500 off his speaking fee.  Yes, if you’ve ever hired Mike to speak previously and you bring him back between November and July, you receive $500 off the regular full fee!  The “2nd Date Discount” refers to you bringing Mike back (like a 2nd date).

Don’t Forget: if Mike is already speaking in the area, each school, organization, and/or installation receives a travel discount!

1) Call to schedule a date to have Mike speak in your community in any month between November and July.
2) Call others in your region to have Mike speak for them while he is already in the area speaking for you.
3) They contract to bring Mike also.

RESULTS FOR YOU? You save on our travel block discounts (at least $400) + you get the Referral Fee ($500 per contract) + you get the Loyalty Discount of $500 (if you’ve had Mike present in your community before) = $1400 Savings with potential for much more.

Call 800-329-9390 to Book a Date TODAY!!

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