Review: “helped open the eyes of our students to consent in relationships and sexual violence issues…”

“First, I’d like to say how great it was to work with you again. Our students and staff really enjoyed meeting you. I know I speak for everyone at Point Park University when I say, thank you for everything you do. You have helped open the eyes of our students to consent in relationships and sexual violence issues. You have enabled them to take a stand and she the respect that everyone deserves.

Generally, student attendance at Point Park University events ranges between 40-50 students. “Can I Kiss You?” was a HUGE success at Point Park University. Our official attendance at the event was more than 225 students, making the most successful program all year . . . Many students would like you to return year after year. All the students thought this was an important issue and they appreciated how you approached the topic. According to one of our students ‘Mike provides a good balance of humor and seriousness in his program. He really gets you thinking.’ This is a sentiment that I share. I will be certain to promote this program to all my colleagues, as I know my students will to all their friends.

“Can I Kiss You?” is such a wonderful program and I highly recommend it for all colleges and universities. If I can ever serve as a reference for you please contact me over the phone or through email.”

John M. Mayo, Jr. Community Director Coordinator, The Sophomore Experience
Point Park University (PA)

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