Person of the WEEK

The Date Safe Project’s first PERSON of the WEEK is Cheri, a strong and courageous sexual assault survivor who inspired me to begin speaking out against sexual assault / rape and would go on to inspire the founding of The Date Safe Project, Inc. at and now The Date Safe Foundation (the new non-profit organization being established).  Cheri’s strength, determination, will, and love for her family are a few of the reasons she has been a special role model to all us here at The Date Safe Project, Inc..

As I travel the country speaking in schools, on college campuses, and on military bases, audience members are continually moved by Cheri’s story.  Many individuals come up to me to share how amazing Cheri is and how much her story has helped them personally.  In 2005, Cheri chose to share her journey in the book Voices of Courage:  Inspiration from Survivors of Sexual Assault (at  Her sharing has positively touched thousands of people around the world.

To many people, they refer to Cheri as their “Coach,” I am blessed to call her my sister.  Cheri, I love you and thanks for all you have done and continue to do!

WHO IS YOUR “Person of the Week”? Share your nomination for a future “Person of the Week” by typing your recommendation in the “Leave a Reply” box below.  Each week, a new group of individuals will be considered and one will be announced.  Get your nomination in today!

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