Teach consent to family, friends, and colleagues

Learn how to teach everyone around you about consent through casual conversation at work, at home with your family, at sporting events, and hanging out with friends.  The Date Safe Project and Mike Domitrz reveal this simple tip for engaging people in a fun learning moment.  Find out how your colleagues, employers, friends, sons, daughters, partners, boyfriend, girlfriends, teenagers, and others react and then SHARE their reaction with us in the “Leave a reply” box below.

Talking about and practicing today’s challenge will help people realize how important and VALUED consent is in all aspects of life.  As we make consent the standard for treating people with respect, males and females are more likely to be comfortable discussing sexual consent with each other before engaging in sexual activity – thus creating much safer intimacy and helping reduce sexual assault.

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REMEMBER to share what you experience in the “Leave a Reply” box below!!

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