Middle School and High School students react to “Can I Kiss You?” Program

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The most powerful feedback is often from students because they say exactly what they are thinking.  Below you will see what middle school students and high school students (males and females) have to say about Mike Domitrz and the “Can I Kiss You?” program.

Read Comments from Students Below:

We just had a speech from you today, and I truly believe what you are saying. If more people thought the way you made them think today about sexual assault and what not, our town, our world would be a better place. You really made students think that wanted to listen and learn from you. For that I admire you
~ High School student from Cedarburg High School in WI

“I was starting to wonder if anything I’d read about a man really loving a woman was true or not. But when I saw you up there, talking about what happened to your sisters and encouraging the boys at my school to be more caring toward the girls, I was truly touched. You helped give me hope again. I’m sure your job involves stress, but never give up on what you do. It is a wonderful thing, and I want to thank you with all my heart. As corny as this sounds, I mean it. thank you, on behalf of all girls who hear your speech. Thanks. We all appreciate it.”
~ Middle School student from IA

“Thanks so much for speaking with us! Your energy was contagious and your words really stuck. I was a little skeptical at first but you truly helped us open our eyes. I spoke with my Dad about “can you kiss me” and he said that when he met my mom he asked if he could kiss her! My mom said that she was presently surprised and almost 30 years later she still remembers how romantic their first kiss was. You are a very talented speaker and have a great message. Thanks again for your time and energy! ~ Liz.  P.S. I opened the door.”
~ High School student from TX

You spoke at a nearby college the other night and I attended the program.  I live in Boys and Girls homes (a group home) because I am a foster care child. I am 16-and me and few other girls attended your program along with the college students. I was emailing you to say thank you. I am a survivor of multiple sexual assaults. No one -and when I say no one…I am talking about therapist…teachers….social workers….case workers….community providers – no one has ever connected with me the way you did. I think it is amazing that finally someone can answer those hard questions of why the victim doesn’t do this or why the victim doesn’t say that. I think what you are doing is amazing. And I thank God every day for people like you that speak out and cause every day-every hour-every minute-every second….every moment, just a little bit easier. It is because of everyday heroes like you—I don’t have to be ashamed anymore.  And for that I am now and forever more grateful. Continue the work you are doing. You are truly a gift from God.
~ A High School student

“I’m a survivor and I have opened doors all because of you.  I have not told anyone that I am a survivor to more than one time. . . thank you mike for helping me think about it and now I think that I can be more comfortable about talking about rape and sexual assault. So again, I don’t know if this is how I email you or not but thanks if it is.”
~ A High School student from IA

hey mike i just wanted to let you know that i think you had more of an impact than you think on all of us kids at Jerstad middle school. it really opened my eyes and let me see certain situations with a whole new perspective. i think you captured everyones attention. you taught me a good lesson.  thanx!”   Jerstad Middle School

“i go to gilmore middle school and you recently came my school and u talked to us and i think you are cool and i think ur so brave to be doing this after what happened to ur sister i think u make a great differecne,  um i was wonderin where do i get thoses books?  i would like to say ur AWSOME and keep going you really do make a difference!!”
~ Gilmore Middle School

“i don’t have a question i just wanted to tell you a story. i am 16 years old and currently in 11th grade. i was rapped and sexually harassed most of my life. while in the assembly i sat there and listened very intently to the people around me’s reaction to what you were saying about that.  in the begining of you presentation they were snickering and being immature (typical kids) but when you got to that part there really was no laugh or any jokes or anything. it was awesome what you did and are doing.  you have given my courage and helped me to realize that i am not the only one out there who is hurting so thank! i really appreciate it!  may God bless you for all that you do and have done!” 
~ High School Student

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More for You. Please click on the following links for more info on the “Can I Kiss You?:”

About Watch the Video “Train the Trainer”
Student Feedback Reserve a Date Downloads
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