Michael Vick and the Hypocrisy

Michael Vick, former quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League (NFL), should be condemned for the horrific actions he and others took against dogs.  His behavior and actions were atrocious.  The media jumped all over this case and the country rightfully so came to the defense of the dogs (many of which will end being killed).

The hypocrisy lies with the media and our general society.  While everyone is yelling for Michael Vick to be put in prison and immediately kicked out of the NFL (by the way, I agree with those requests), where are all the people yelling for EVERY player in the NFL charged with Domestic Violence to be suspended (if convicted, then kicked out of the league)?  Yes, animals need to be protected.  Of course.  What about women?  You have these incredible physical specimens of athletes committing acts of violence against women.  These charges are so common nowadays that they are just a quick news bit on ESPN and other sports segments.  When players are charged or convicted, where is all the media covering the case and every possible jail sentence for the player (as they’ve done with Michael Vick)? 

The NFL and almost every major professional league has seen numerous players charged with domestic violence.  Where is the media doing an in-depth story on how few professional athletes get actual convictions compared to the rest of society?  I am not insinuating that the majority of athletes behave in this manner.  It doesn’t matter.  These leagues like to portray an image of caring (look at their commericals showing their players doing good in the community).  If they TRULY CARE, have a zero tolerance for violence against ANY person or animal.  If any player is convicted, the player should be immediately kicked out of the league indefinitely. 

Do people deserve 2nd chances?  Yes.  We all make mistakes.  A second chance is what YOU choose to do with your life after making a mistake.  It does not mean getting your job back. Typically, a second chance means starting over and learning from your mistake.   

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