Labor Day was anything but WORK

As I said last night, I love what I do and today was another fun day on the road.  Starting at Union College, I got to see Matt Milless who is a member of my Advisory Council for The Date Safe Project.  Matt always comes out to my program and shows great support.  Kari made sure everything was taken care of for the program.  Marcus is the new person in charge of Counseling at Union and he came out to be there for the students.090307_wcsu_3090307_wcsu_1090307_wcsu_2

Next was Western Connecticut State University.  Dean Walter Smith worked hard with Sharon Guck to insure they got me back to campus after speaking there last Spring.  The passion in both of them is inspiring.  They are sooo excited to get this message out to their students.  You completely understand why they are both in jobs working closely with students!  The above pictures are from the Western Connecticut State  University presentation.  Thanks, Dorota for sending the pictures.

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