#MeToo – So Now What?



How do we transform the conversation? How do we intersect intent with impact? Cathy and Todd from one of our favorite podcasts Zen Parenting Radio sit down with Mike and talk “what’s next” with #MeToo, pop culture, and much more including getting very real about how some might feel very uncomfortable with the #MeToo conversation – including addressing the backlash some are unfortunately exhibiting against #MeToo such as . . “Does that mean we can’t have ‘fun’ in the workplace anymore or “If I identify as a heterosexual man, does that mean I now have to be extra careful around women?” Let’s talk, let’s converse, let’s collectively grow. This is one to bookmark and listen to.

Join Mike Domitrz at “Be a Force for Good” in Chicago on March 2nd and 3rd.

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