Lackland Air Force Base Making a Difference

Lackland Air Force BaseTuesday was a great day spent with the wonderful people at Lackland Air Force Base by presenting to the schools and conducting a “Train the Trainer” session for SARC offices from various bases in the area.  Charlotte with the SARC Office did a fantastic job putting together a productive and successful day.  We started by presenting the “Can I Kiss You?” program to the students the Lackland ISD High School. They were a very interactive and fun audience.  Lots of great energy.  Next we spoke to the 7th and 8th grade students with the Lackland ISD Middle School.  They were full of ideas and wanted to share throughout the presentation!

Charlotte was very forward thinking in bringing the “Can I Kiss You?” program to the students in the school district.  As true in every community, students appreciate having the opportunity to gain helpful decision-making skills on an issue facing them on a daily basis (if not themselves, they see it effecting their family and friends).  The staff  and faculty at the school were very kind in letting us know what a positive program this was for their male and female students.

Next, we conducted the “Train the Trainer” session in which professionals from area SARC offices on bases came to learn how to use the interactive approach of the “Can I Kiss You?” program in their own briefings.  We discussed handling difficult and/or challenging comments and individuals; how to engage in a creative manner; and how to stay focused and welcoming in a potentially confrontational moment.  Everyone was a lot of FUN.  You can see the clear passion each of these individuals has for wanting to connect with the men and women on their base!!

Thanks again, Charlotte, for a GREAT day!!

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