How Is Your Doctor Talking about SEX with Your Teen?

doctor-talking-teenAccording to a recent report, the far majority of pediatricians are not talking thoroughly with teenagers about a teen’s sexual knowledge and/or experience (even though doing so is considered very important for one’s health). Click here to read the full article.

Relying on parents, Moms and Dads, has consistently proven not to be effective. College students throughout North America continually tell us that their parents rarely discussed an extensive discussion on sex (if any at all) besides what NOT to do or what NOT to get (disease, infection, pregnancy).

If the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Bright Futures curriculum is too extensive for a doctor to cover in a single examination, we at The DATE SAFE Project would be happy to help create a 15 minute version with the AAP.

What are the key elements of talking about sex that you believe doctors should cover in a 15 minute examination time?

Let’s start with the following:

  1. Know your sexual rights.
  2. RESPECT at all times for your own boundaries and your partner’s boundaries.
  3. Talk FIRST and talk in detail. If you can’t, you are not ready.
  4. Know the LAW and if both of you are legally capable of giving consent together.
  5. Your Sexual Body + Your Sexual Health (preventative and maintenance measures to insure positive sexual health).
  6. Dangerous and Risks

We know much more can be added to this list. What would YOU add?


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