Get Ideas from the Experts

Do you wish you had a resource where you could quickly get tips and ideas from top experts who could help you with talking to the men and women at your military installation about the sensitive issues surrounding sexual assault, healthy intimacy, respect, and decision-making? Now you do. By watching the videos and reading the articles you will find here, you will gain fast, flexible, and realistic tools for talking with others. Experts from around the world will be contributing their secrets, tips, and lessons.

Starting September 8th, you are going to find quick and easy-to-use “How To” videos for individuals working and/or living in the military. Check back regularly for the latest MUST SEE video and GOTTA READ article. While many visitors to the site will have limited access to these powerful videos and articles, Date Safe Project Insiders (DSP Insiders) will have full access to all the content in this section.

The exclusive Videos and Articles will include experts sharing simple techniques and skills addressing the many important issues you deal with on a daily to weekly basis.


What would you like to see a video discuss? Tell us by clicking on “Leave a Comment” on this page. By doing so, you may soon see a video or article on exactly what you want to learn about. Do you have an expert you would like to learn from? Tell us WHO and WHY so we can look at getting an interview with them quickly. Send your ideas to

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