Featured Survivors

Throughout the year, survivors will be featured here at The Date Safe Project, Inc. as the “Featured Survivor.” Individuals are nominated by their peers, educators, professionals, students, and/or can nominate themselves. The “Featured Survivor” represents some and/or all of the below criteria:

  • A sexual assault survivor who has helped others.
  • A survivor who’s own journey has inspired others and is willing to share here.
  • A sexual assault survivor.

The first “Featured Survivor” will be recognized on September 8th. You will find their story and a picture of the individual here on the website (if he/she chooses to include a picture).

NOMINATE someone today. Individuals will be recognized throughout the year and so it is never too late to nominate a person. To nominate an individual, send an e-mail to nominate@datesafeproject.org. In the e-mail Subject line, type “Featured Survivor” and include the following information inside the e-mail:

  1. Name of Nominee
  2. Location of Nominee (city and state)
  3. E-mail address AND phone number of Nominee (will be kept confidential. We must contact the nominee for approval to give them the recognition on the website).
  4. WHY you feel this person deserves the recognition (must be at least 50 words in length).
  5. YOUR NAME and contact information (e-mail and phone number).
  6. Your affiliation with this individual.

The recipient of the “Featured Survivor” will receive a certificate and an e-book of their choice from The Date Safe Project, Inc.. The recognition may be used in all personal and professional manners (resumes, vitae, awards, scholarships, etc…).

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