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When you bring Mike Domitrz and the “Can I Kiss You?” program to your schools, you get multiple presentations (time permitting).  At school, have Mike present a general assembly for the entire student body AND then choose which special session you would like to have added. You can have him conduct his customized Train the Trainer sessions for select audiences (Student Leaders, Peer Educators, Staff & Administration, and others).

OR wrap the day up with his powerful seminar for parents titled HELP! My Teen Is Dating. Real Solutions to Tough Conversations. More and more schools are asking for his Talk Back Hour as the bonus session they want for their community. PLUS, Mike is happy to customize a presentation to a specific audience.


In Train the Trainer with Mike Domitrz, you will discover a refreshing and powerful format to teaching leaders, staff and educators how to facilitate thought-provoking conversations, programs, and presentations on peer education, healthy intimacy, and/or sexual assault. A welcoming and positive atmosphere is fostered where each trainee discovers how to take a simple approach to tough questions from students.

Throughout this customized workshop, you will discover how to handle difficult situations with male and female students – including how to discuss “both sides” of students’ concerns. You will learn the secret to creating a balance of careful and effective use of humor verses hard-hitting questions. Attendees will be challenged as to “how far” you should go to intervene in the day-to-day situations that can occur.

Everyone is encouraged to ask questions and debate the concepts being discussed. At the end of this incredibly interactive 45 minute session, your leaders will leave excited and equipped with the tools to make a powerful impact at your school and in your community. Each person will be excited to speak out using their own new found approach to presenting difficult subject matter.

HELP! My Teen Is Dating.  Real Solutions to Tough Conversations

The HELP! My Teen Is Dating.  Real Solutions to Tough Conversations seminar is changing the way parents and their teenagers are approaching, discussing, and handling decision-making regarding dating, intimacy, and parties.  In one hour, parents will discover several simple steps to effectively engaging their teenagers.  Best of all, the lessons are designed to be flexible to the personality of YOUR TEENAGER.  As you  are aware, no one solution exists for every teenager.  Each child is different.  In this interactive program, you will laugh, learn, and be inspired to take immediate action upon getting home.  Mike Domitrz will even give you a few tips to help get the conversation rolling – without your son’s or daughter’s eyes rolling at you.

He made presentations to kids in the 6th grade, all the way up to high school and then to parents and the public at large. In each situation, he successfully engaged the audience at the appropriate level and not only held their attention, but garnered their whole participation.
John Hathaway, Regional Director, Idaho Department of Health & Welfare

Plus, having a special program for parents is a fantastic way to overcome any concerns a few Moms and Dads may share about a school district discussing dating, respect, decision-making and/or sexual assault.  You can assure parents that any concerns they have can be asked about in the evening program for parents with Mike Domitrz.


Want one more option? Host a “Talk Back Hour” AFTER the “Can I Kiss You?” program. This fun event is new – created by popular demand. The sponsoring organizations can now have an AFTER EVENT Reception/Discussion where students, faculty, staff, community leaders, and audience members are invited to continue the conversation with Mike Domitrz on a more intimate level. After everyone grabs some food and beverages – then they sit down together and have an “Open Mic” to ask any questions they have for Mike. Questions will vary from “How do you know the right way to get your audience to react?” to “What is the key to using the humor you use?” to “How did you get started?” to “How does your sister feel about your work?” to “What are other campuses doing based on this program?” With the insight and passion Mike shares, participants leave inspired to take immediate action in your community!


Mike Domitrz is known for his ability to tailor each presentation to the needs of the students in attendance and within the framework of the community’s standards. If your school has a unique culture or you would like Mike to present his program to a very specific body of individuals, Mike will discuss all of your needs and wants — prior to his arrival at your school. Below are just a few examples of the audiences Mike customizes his program for:

RELIGIOUS & FAITH BASED INSTITUTIONS One of the most common concerns for some religious institutions is whether certain sexual assault programming is appropriate according to their school’s beliefs and policies. Mike’s presentation is recommended by schools of all religious standards and affiliations (from the most liberal to the most conservative). Why? Mike’s entire approach is built around respect for one’s self and your partner. With regards to language and content, his program is considered one of the “cleanest” shows in the country. At the same time, he is one of the most entertaining and educational speakers! For this reason, Mike is highly sought-after by religious institutions.

Another family shared with me that they are still talking about the night’s information. Since winter dances are just around the corner, it was an opportune time and subject matter for all to hear what GOD wants for us in our relationships with each other. The truths and practices of great dating were demonstrated. No one could have experienced a more meaningful, informational filled evening.
Carol Fischer, Youth Minister, St. Alphonsus Christian Formation

ALTERNATIVE SCHOOLS The viewpoints and the approaches taken by students in alternative schools can present challenges some speakers struggle to handle. When working in Alternative Schools, Mike understands precisely how to engage with a more blunt conversation between him and all the students. Males and females state they love how much he speaks at “Our level. We are treated like equals.” For this reason, Mike is able to get the students to take positive actions upon leaving the presentation.

Being an alternative high school program serving juniors and seniors, who are categorized “at risk”, from 5 different high schools in Walworth County, we are a challenging group…What most impressed the faculty and the students was your ease and sincerity.  You were able to speak to and with the students without speaking down to them…To say they morphed from negative to positive is an understatement.  By the end of the presentation, they were engaging in easy dialogue with you, asking pertinent and powerful questions, copying down information, sharing experiences, and asking for your expertise.  What more could any educator ask for?
Debbie Bartholomay, English Instructor, The Alternative High School

BOARDING SCHOOLS With students living on your school campus, you have a much higher liability of sexual activity occurring within the school environment. As you know, students in Boarding Schools have their own culture which is very different than students living at home with their parents. Because of Mike Domitrz’s extensive expertise in working with Residential Life departments on college campuses and Boarding Schools, he brings unique insight specifically into the Boarding School atmosphere. He also understands how to adjust his student presentations to the demographics of your student body.

From the start of his performance, Mike had the students’ attention, and also had them laughing out loud. They quickly warmed up to his open, charismatic, self-deprecating style and were clearly riveted. He was able to earn their trust and peak their interest with his stories.

One of the best parts about Mike’s talk was the way he involved the students. They responded out loud to his prompts and questions, and there were many different student volunteers on the stage throughout the show…After his performance, the students talked for days about it, and many students sought the counsel of faculty and friends to talk about issues his comments raised.
Hilary Cruz-Abrams, Health Program Coordinator, The Kent School (CT)


May I Kiss You?  A Candid Look at Dating, Communication, Respect, & Sexual Assault AwarenessPlus, your school can receive Mike Domitrz’s May I Kiss You? book for everyone at the session for the incredibly low price of only $10 per book (when 100 books or more are ordered). Students and leaders can utilize the over 20 interactive exercises found throughout this critically-acclaimed book. Mike Domitrz is the only expert who gives schools such an amazing package of programs, expertise, and educational resources!! Call (800) 329-9390 to bring Mike to your community today.

Ask Rita at 800-329-9390 How to Get the 100 Pack!

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