Denying Women Access to Dinners & Meetings is NOT OKAY

Have you heard about leaders of organizations and politicians that are living by a new rule ? The rule is they will not go to a dinner or meeting alone with a woman. At the same time, these same leaders will go to dinners and meetings alone with men.  This behavior is NOT okay and must be talked about. Making this choice is a clear form of discrimination being masked as “Leaders Protecting Themselves.” That choice is not one of leadership. Instead, what is being displayed is irrational paranoia and discrimination.

Equal opportunity means equal opportunity for all. Denying someone the chance to meet with you in the exact same capacity you meet with others is denying them equal access to you. That denial of access can impact what they know and are able to learn from you. That denial of access can impact them being able to connect with you on the same levels you build relationships with men.

I am thrilled to get to work with leaders, including CEOs, who get the danger of such disrespectful approaches to treating specific genders and who want better for all of their employees.

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