Breaking News on HookUps is NOT

bedWe have been saying for the past 5 years that a societal “Hookup Culture” is NOT a reality and hasn’t been for any generation in the past 30 years.

Now research is catching up to prove today’s students are not much different than their parents in sexual behaviors and practices. Martin Monto, a sociology professor at the University of Portland, is one of the co-authors of the research and shared that his research team was surprised to discover how much as not changed (as quoted by AFP).

Why have we stated for the past 5 years that our society is not a “Hookup Culture”? Consider the following:

If you lived in a hookup “culture”, then society would no longer be looking for marriage. The fact is the majority of people still get married.

While many people may go through a Hookup “Phase” (similar to what their parents did – although they don’t want to believe or picture the idea of their parents doing so), that “Phase” is a period the majority of our society exits sooner or later.

As we speak on campuses, students are continually sharing with us that the majority of their friends are not “hooking up” on a regular basis (if at all). The debate we hear occurring more often is students discussing whether consensual hookups should be considered “bad” or not.

SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS on whether hooking up is a “phase” or “culture” in the COMMENTS SECTION BELOW.

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