A Change is Gonna Come

On my United Airlines flight last Thursday night to go speak at the University of Southern Utah, I was scrolling throught the various videos on my iPad.  The first video which caught my attention was Jon Bon Jovi and Bettye LaVette singing “A Change is Gonna Come” in front of the Lincoln Memorial as part of the Inauguration Celebration for President Obama.  Have you seen this video?

When I’ve discussed the video with people, I’m continually disappointed how anything related to a President (regardless of party affiliation) becomes an issue of politics, especially ironic if you watch and LISTEN to this video.  The only thing political about this music video is the theme of the song.  What do I mean?  If the message of the song was implemented, our political atmosphere would be much healthier for people of all political beliefs.  Enough of my little SoapBox statement.  Lets get back to the video.  Enjoy it below and then we will discuss.  For now, take it in!

What were your favorite moments of the video?  What lines in the song standout for you?  How did this overall video impact you and why?  Share this video with friends and family on FaceBook. Are you an Educator?  If so, ask students for their reactions.

Once a few people begin to comment, I will share my reactions to the video and why I find it so powerful for everyone working to make a positive difference!


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