2014 and the New Book

Recently, we held our Annual Strategic Planning Meeting for The DATE SAFE Project moving into 2014. In doing so, we started by reviewing 2013 and making a list of our Year In Review. Having our entire team together for this evaluation was lots of fun.

Next up, we began focusing on our goals for 2014. Once you see all that you’ve done in the previous year, looking ahead becomes even more exciting.

Below you can see the list of work The DATE SAFE Project did in 2013 AND our Goals for 2014. Please share YOUR GOALS for 2014 and let us know how we may be of support to you! If you have ideas for helping us reach our goals, we would love to have you tell us.

Use the COMMENTS SECTION at the bottom of this post to share your goals and/or any ideas you have for helping us reach our goals.

The DATE SAFE Project 2013 Year in Review:

  1. Graduating Class
    1st Class of Licensees

    Launched FIRST-EVER K12 “Can I Kiss You?” Licensing & Training 2-Day LIVE Event in Milwaukee, WI (ended hosting TWO in 2013).

  2. 46 licensees now exist throughout North America who are able to present “Can I Kiss You?” in their local middle schools and high schools.
  3. Began designing the “Online Licensing & Training Center” which will open by February of 2014.
  4. SelfGrowth.com had The DATE SAFE Project as an official guide for Relationships and Teen Dating.
  5. Added a New Team Member, Tina, to The DATE SAFE Project.
  6. Fox6 News Wakeup with Mike DomitrzReached millions of people with the most  TV news and radio interviews in the history of The DATE SAFE Project (watch a TV segment by clicking here).
  7. Now provide a MENU for schools and organizations to choose which presentations they wanted when they bring The DATE SAFE Project to speak in their community.
  8. Announced the use of the #its11pm hashtag for the college and military “Can I Kiss You?” Shows (resulted in BIG increase in tweeting occurring during and after the shows).
  9. The most scheduled “Can I Kiss You?” presentations ever for the upcoming year (2014).
  10. Began sending out a weekly email to further serve followers and supporters.
  11. Donated HUNDREDS of paperback books (“Voices of Courage” and “May I Kiss You?“)
  12. The “Can I Kiss You?” presentation was officially reviewed by the DoD (Department of Defense).
  13. Launched 2 NEW WEEKLY SHOWS: “Gift of RESPECT” Radio Show (Thursdays at 12pm Central Time) and “IMPACT” Web Show (Thursdays at 12:35pm Central Time) featuring guests being interviewed and sharing their insights/journeys. Learn more here.
  14. Curriculum was evaluated for use by 3 states department of education.
  15. End-of-DateSaw FaceBook Fan Page followers triple in 2013 (if you would like to follow us on FB, click here and LIKE the page).
  16. Made “The DATE” Poster available for communities to promote “Asking First.”
  17. Donated financially to local crisis centers around the country.
  18. The DATE SAFE Project began having regularly scheduled Team Meetings.
  19. Highest number of Book Reviews of “May I Kiss You? A Candid Look at Dating, Communication, Respect, & Sexual Assault Awareness” in the past decade.
  20. Josh, a student intern from Elon University, built a student-driven website on behalf of DSP (was later converted into our FB Page).
  21. The DATE SAFE Project was featured in multiple websites including: GoodMenProject.org, StraightTalkTNT.org, and many more.
  22. Exhibited at and/or was a Featured Speaker at Regional and National Conferences: NASPA, EVAW, Boys & Girls, National Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault, and the Mental Wellness Conference.
  23. Newly designed cover for the book “Voices of Courage: Inspiration from Survivors of Sexual Assault” (click here).Voices of Courage
  24. Presented new programs customized for specific institutions including the United States Air Force Academy (Stand-Down Day) and Neumann University.
  25. Donated 4 “Can I Kiss You?” Presentations scheduled to be presented in 2014.
  26. 78 communities and/or institutions around the World brought the “Can I Kiss You?” program in to share the messages of Asking First, Bystander Intervention (“Be a Friend), and Supporting Survivors (Opening a Door) with people of all ages and backgrounds.

The DATE SAFE Project GOALS for 2014

To serve and support others by sharing the messages of respect, consent (Asking First), bystander intervention (Be a Friend), and/or supporting survivors (Open a Door) by:

  1. Speaking in at least 90 communities throughout the world.
  2. Reaching millions via all forms of media (TV, Radio, Print, Online, and Much more)
  3. Licensing hundreds to present the “Can I Kiss You?” Program in their middle schools and high schools.
  4. Donating more Keynote presentations to under-served communities and/or organizations.
  5. New Book to be written by me.
  6. Have our current books and curriculum translated into Spanish and potentially additional languages.

Please SHARE YOUR GOALS and any ideas you have for us reaching our goals in the COMMENTS SECTION below.


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