Wristband VIDEO Contest

WIN SHIRTS, BOOKS, or POSTERS in our new Wristband CONTEST. Record video footage of yourself and/or friends having conversations while wearing the “ASK FIRST. RESPECT THE ANSWER.” wristbands (could be among friends, around campus, an intimate moment, and/or at parties). Keep it as simple as you want or be creative. Your choice.

To enter the contest, post your video on YouTube. Then simply post the link to your YouTube video on our FaceBook page at: http://www.FaceBook.com/datesafe

All 10 WINNERS of the best videos will get to choose one of the following prizes:
….A) Set of all 3 T-shirts or
….B) Both our books or
….C) A complete set of “Do You Ask?” posters.

Make your short video TODAY and get yourself a great opportunity at some FUN prizes!!


To ORDER wristbands, click here.



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