Towson University made me say, “WOW!” throughout the day today. The students desire and passion to create positive change was obvious from the start of our “Train the Trainer” session with the RAs (Resident Assistants) and the Peer Educators on campus. Everyone asked great questions and dived deeply into the discussion. You could tell this group of student LEADERS was going to help bring a large audience out to the evening “Can I Kiss You?” show.

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Right before the “Train the Trainer” session, we had an in-depth conversation with staff on being innovative and cutting-edge with teaching the many principles we discuss in the “Can I Kiss You?” program. We shared concepts using technology and HOW to approach sensitive issues with student populations.

At dinner, we discussed various views on certain kinds of educational/awareness events hosted on campuses. Next was the “Can I Kiss You?” program. As we approached the room about 30 minutes early, a long line had already gathered to get inside. Towson promoted getting FREE BOOKS & SHIRTS to the first 50 people. The promotion worked. The school was originally hoping to fill the room with 500 students. They easily topped their GOAL when additional chairs were needed and others ended up sitting on the floor to fit in the room. The energy was wonderful. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone throughout the day.


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