Here goes. Today is our Founder’s, Mike Domitrz, Birthday and we want EVERYONE to have an amazing day. Here is the offer:

Do something unique to address the issues we address (Asking First, talking with your child about sexual decision-making, donating to a crisis center, supporting survivors) and THEN SHARE on our FaceBook page (click here). 3 people will be CHOSEN to receive the following:

1. All 3 T-shirts from us (both “Can I Kiss You?” shirts and the “Want Some Action?” Shirt.

2. A complete set of all 17 “Do You Ask?” Posters

3. HELP! My Teen Is Dating DVD & Book Set.

Lets make today ROCK!! You can do something right now in just 30 seconds. All you have to do is share it here at (of course remember to “LIKE” the page).

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