Who Pays on a Date

How do you create equality with who pays on a first date discussed by teen dating speaker and expert, Mike Domitrz – founder of The Date Safe Project.

Parents (Moms and Dads) and Educators, watch and share this video below – the video includes SIMPLE and powerful language every teenager (male and female) can use for early on setting equality in a dating environment (whether Valentine’s Day or any day) and learn how to steer away from gender roles. This approach can help establish a foundation of respect that helps lower sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual violence, rape and better teach consent and bystander intervention.

P.S. This video is part of a series Mike is doing. EVERY DAY in February we launch a new video as part of recognizing February as “Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month.”


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P.S. If you have any questions about our programs or speaking engagements please contact Rita at 800-329-9390 or you can email her at Rita@datesafeproject.org

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