University of South Carolina Peer Educators, Sororities, and Being Asked

Tonight, the University of South Carolina showed their commitment and passion for making a difference in ending sexual violence, teaching consent, and supporting survivors of sexual assault. We started the day with a “Train the Trainer” dinner with the Peer Educators. They asked great questions to help themselves be even more powerful and effective when facilitating sessions with students on their campus. Throughout the dinner, we had some good laughs and shared lots of ideas.

Next, we went onto the main “Can I Kiss You?” presentation where they did a good job drawing an interactive, thought-provoking, and caring audience. We had people of all ages in attendance. In fact, a 12yr old named Zecharia did a great job sharing “The Look” with the audience!

We ended the evening with a special session of truly wonderful sorority sisters. They were determined to create positive change on their campus. I am VERY excited to see the results they are going to create within their own houses and on campus. Go DI (you know what I’m referring to)! To see a small group go back to a large group is always inspiring because you are confident they WILL CREATE POSITIVE CHANGE!!

Below is video footage from students who wanted to share a message. After watching the video, REMEMBER TO “LEAVE A COMMENT” to tell everyone what you thought!

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