University at Albany provides 2 shows – 2 fun & different outcomes

At the University at Albany tonight, we presented 2 shows. Each audience was very different and each was rewarding to work with. In our first audience, the students wanted to debate the idea of “asking first” right from the start and so we adapted the program to address those concerns right away. By the end, the students were in complete agreement asking is the way to go. In the 2nd audience, they were with the message throughout the program and brought lots of energy with them. Variety in audiences is great because you are challenged in fun and unique ways.

Kelly Horner does a fantastic job hosting the “Can I Kiss You?” program each year. This year, I was honored to meet her son over dinner. Thank you for everything, Kelly! If you ever get a chance, take a 3.6 mile run by taking the loop around campus. The view is really nice and the run is well paved throughout.

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