How to thrive after trauma by loving your body, mind, and spirit

SummitDomitrzGood evening friends,

Today, we want to share with you the opportunity to attend a powerful and transformative free online audio summit hosted by our friend, Svava Brooks:

“Journey to the Heart! – FREE Audio Summit” September 15th – 30th.

The purpose of this FREE audio summit is to help others who have lived through challenging past experiences, like trauma and abuse, by using tools that bring lasting change into their lives.

Join more than 20 experts (including Mike Domitrz)—from therapists and coaches to teachers, authors, and healers as they share new information, ideas, and approaches to recovery through spiritual, physical, and emotional healing.

Mike is excited to share “how to” strategies for how we can build a culture based on consent and respect and how that translates into improved relationships, especially with yourself.

Normally, this information is only available through therapy or coaching sessions or in the latest books and course material. Now it is available and delivered in a dialogue with Mike and several other experts through “Journey to the Heart – FREE Audio Summit.”

As a participant, you will learn:

  • How to overcome anxiety and change your mindset
  • Key techniques to emotional wellness
  • Essential techniques for finding peace and joy after trauma
  • Why self-love is important for healthy relationships
  • How important good nutrition is to recovery
  • The role creativity and writing can play in your healing
  • How to thrive after trauma with a connection to your body, mind, and spirit

And MUCH MORE, including ways you can restore hope and find transformative healing.

This event will help people who have been directly impacted by childhood trauma, abuse, or harm in any way, as well as people who support loved ones, clients, or friends who have had negative experiences and are struggling with their emotions.

Mike is  excited to participate and hope that you will join him.

Register here for Journey to the Heart – FREE Audio Summit!

With love and gratitude,

The DATE SAFE Project Team


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