Students and Customer Service

Do you work with students?  When they first approach, do you think, “How can I help this student today?  How can I make his or her day AWESOME?”  Imagine if every student felt educators and professionals had that goal in mind for them.

In the past 24 hours, I was doused with great customer service.  Last night driving to speak at Vassar College, my back tire blew in a remote, restricted road.  I was only 15 miles from the campus, yet tow trucks weren’t allowed in that area without the State Police coming by first. I was being told it could take over an hour.  Uh oh.  Thank goodness, I left early for “just in case” moments like this.  Suddenly, a state highway truck pulled up. He said when the call went to the state police, he noticed.  In 10 minutes, he had me on my way with a fantastic attitude!!

Today on my flight from DC to Kansas City (yes first I flew from NY to DC), our flight attendant was one of the best I’ve ever experienced. His name was Joe, a retired police officer who took JOY in having fun with everyone (co-workers, customers, etc…).  He told us all how much people take their jobs too seriously.  He wanted everyone on the flight to have fun.  I almost didn’t want to sleep just to see what more he would do.

Then arriving at my hotel in Kansas City, Sarah lit up the room as she welcomed you to the property.  She wanted you to know to help yourself to anything you needed and you could have unlimited numbers of water bottles.

Now imagine we treated those we care about with the AMAZING attitude and approach I was blessed to experience today.  How more open would everyone be to learning from us?

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