STOP Etsy from allowing Vendor to sell “Rape” Cards is currently allowing a vendor to sell disgusting and damaging “Congratulations” cards for rape and sexual assault survivors. WARNING: the image and the words on the card are both disturbing and dangerous.  To find the card, all a person needs to do is go to and do a search for “Rape.”  The card shows up on the first page of search findings.


1. Join the Petition which thousands are quickly signing by clicking here.

2. Go to and REPORT the card as inappropriate and dangerous.  Plus, email at

3. If you are an Etsy Vendor, contact them letting them know you refuse to use their site until they have removed this vendor.  This approach was taken with in 2010 and was very effective in getting the “Pedophile’s Guide” removed.

Start 2011 by making a positive difference!

UPDATE as of 1/4/2012

Today, we received an email from Etsy saying they will look into the situation.  On a strange note, they asked for their email to be kept CONFIDENTIAL.  Anyone else find it odd Etsy wants “Confidentiality” in their response to allowing this item to be sold?  Are they trying to avoid being criticized?  If so, do the “right thing” and remove the offensive material.

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