Stop blaming girls and their clothes!

In a recent article about a school in England, females are not being allowed to wear skirts as a “safety” precaution.  However, Year 11 females ARE ALLOWED to wear skirts.  The reasoning by the school is that skirts put the girls in more danger.  If so, then why do the Year 11 females get to wear skirts?  The school is willing to put the older students in danger on purpose (according to their logic, skirts create danger)?

If they wanted a universal dress code for boys and girls, then the logic makes more sense (not saying we agree or disagree with the logic).  However, the “danger” reasoning seems to blame the women INSTEAD of the people who are the DANGER.  Who is going to harm the females for wearing skirts?  How about the school have consequences for the individuals who are willing to harm females based on the clothes the females choose to wear?  Put the responsibility where it belongs – on the person doing the wrong!

The real point of discussion in this case is, “How often do adults mask an issue with a fake excuse – with their own tweens, teens, or with students they teach??  The result?  You lose credibility with the person you are making the rule up for.”  Be honest with yourself and the young adults you are teaching.

Share cases of where you or someone who fell into this trap in the “Leave a Comment” section.  I will personally respond to each comment and then we will work to create a better solution than what actually occurred.

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