Shame on coverage concerning reporter sexually assaulted in Egypt

When a reporter was recently sexually assaulted in the middle of a crowd in Egypt, some media, news, and bloggers have been having shameful discussions concerning the survivor.  We are not referencing her name on our website until she chooses to speak out herself (if she chooses to makes that choice).  Since the assault against her, “media” sources have actually had discussions on how “hot” she is.  Such coverage is appalling.

For someone to be sexually assaulted and then read and/or hear people talk about how “hot” you are in the same sentences describing your assault is unimaginable.  WHY would that perception even be discussed, except for some horrific attempt to connect one’s “looks” to whether someone would sexually assault you or not.

If you see this discussion occurring in or on any news outlet you utilize, please contact them and ask them to STOP.

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