Sexual Predators only need 15 seconds with your child / teenage son or daugther.

How many seconds does it take for a police officer posing as a minor to be approached by a sexual predator? 15 seconds. It only takes 35 45 seconds before a predator turns on his web cam and begins performing sexual acts for the camera.

Sexual predators are crafty and have a sixth sense. They know how to spot the weaknesses in young children and what they will respond to.

Talk to your children about being safe while on the internet. Review the following with them:

  1. – Never allow your children to give out personal information over the internet
  2. – Never give out your true name
  3. – Personal diaries should be just that, personal and never to be posted online
  4. – Anything posted on the internet is a permanent record
  5. – Never meet anyone from the internet in person

Parents, educate yourself know terms and internet slang.  Research software programs allowing you to put parental blocks on certain web sites.  Many of the newer programs are very in-depth which is what parents need nowadays.

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