Sexual Assault Case in Cleveland, Texas and the Norm

If you have been following the sexual assault case in Cleveland, Texas, you are aware of the outrageous and horrific statements and questions being aimed at a 11 year old.  Keli Goff wrote a great piece on the Huffington Post today (click here to read) titled “Of Course She Was Asking For It.”

Read the blog and then think of how often we’ve seen people do this to survivors of sexual assault.  You can name a long list of cases just involving celebrities.  Remember the Kobe Bryant case?  How about the Kennedy sexual assault trial case?  The Mike Tyson case?  Duke Lacrosse?  Ben Roethlisberger (the first time accused in Nevada)? I’ll stop there or this blog will go forever.

What do you say when you hear people make such comments?  Please leave your comments!

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