Sex in Bahrain

Last week, I was speaking to the US Military in Bahrain.

While talking with a local, he asked what I speak about. Upon hearing that I teach verbal consent for sexual activity, he asked, “You mean for the husband to ask his wife for sex?”

I explained that we teach BOTH partners to ask each other for sex.

He further inquired with astonishment, “You mean for the wife to ask for sex?”

“YES” I said in a fun and emphatic manner.

“That would be GREAT!” he said with a big smile. “I’ve wanted my wife to do that, but she says she can’t. Due to the way she was raised in our culture, she just can’t.”

While the sexual cultures of the USA and Bahrain are different (treatment of genders and much more), do you see similarities? How many Americans are not comfortable openly talking about sex with their partners? How have American women have been taught to be sexually submissive? How many males in our country have been taught its their role to make the moves?

While our countries have lots of differences, wanting to hear your partner verbally give you choices while sharing how much he/she wants you is a universal desire.

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