Review: “Thank you for your excellent program”

After your presentation in March of this year, our 13 year old daughter (who deals with GAD and ADD in addition to being a teenager) reported an incident that she had been hiding from us for nearly a year. A 14 year old boy had used coercion to force her into a 2 second ‘experiment’ with the threat that he would tell everyone she was a slut and did ________ anyway. She held this inside from early July until a few days after your presentation, when she filed a report with the school counselor.

Needless to say, there were multiple incidents during the time she held the information in: he told everyone lies about her anyway, created an enormous amount of turmoil and so forth, resulting in GAD accelerating into RX treated depression. While the results of her disclosure required involvement of the police and child welfare, which frightened us all, including her parents – she has rebounded phenomenally well. The perp has been transferred, I hope to an all boys’ school. Her remark to us after we met with the child welfare people – ‘I know you hate me now.’  With that thought in her mind, she still had the courage to go on record and to seek help that your program recommends. Of course we let her know that Hate ain’t in the picture. Thank you for your excellent program. Thanks again!

– Anonymous Parents of 13 year old daughter

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