Review: “Thank you for giving the students a practical solution…”

Aloha Mike,

I recently had the opportunity to bring my class to your presentation at Hilo High School.  Thank you for giving the students practical solutions to the problem of how to intervene when they see a situation going wrong.  At least in Hawaii, many situations that used to spur a call for help (i.e. fighting) have become spectator “sports.”  Thank you for reminding students that part of what makes us human is our willingness to help others in need.

Please also convey my thanks to your sister for having the strength to let what was a misery become a ministry to others.  As you were recounting her story, I was deeply moved, which reminded me to see how my students were reacting. Based on what I saw, I expect to have at least two girls who will want to talk more.  I now know to give them a message of strength, not pity.

Mahalo nui loa,
Dawn Tillery
Hilo High School in Hilo (Hawaii)

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