Review: “I wanted to let you know that the program was fantastic”

Mike, my students interacted with you during your program at St. Peter’s school in East Troy, Wisconsin on Monday. I wanted to let you know that the program was fantastic. You did a great job imparting lessons and strategies for the kids to take with them. I was apprehensive at first because I saw the clip online and didn’t know if you would gear your discussion to middle schoolers, but I shouldn’t have worried. Your language and examples were right on target for our age group. They were riveted in their seats when you talked about your sister. They asked good questions and were genuinely interested because of your active, engaging style. . I was particularly touched when you talked about girls paying their own way. This empowers young women and gives them back a semblance of control. Our generation was not taught that concept.

Thanks for sharing with the kids. I have included three referrals in this email. I hope the principals at the schools have you put on a program for them. Thanks again.

Yvonne McGilvary
Teacher St. Charles School Burlington (WI)

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